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About the Editors

Andrew Cohen

ANDREW COHEN, Editor in Chief, is the creative visionary behind EnlightenNext magazine and its nonprofit parent organization, EnlightenNext. In 1991, five years after his life was irrevocably transformed by a powerful spiritual awakening, Cohen founded the magazine to explore the potential of enlightened consciousness to inspire new ways of thinking about contemporary culture and spiritual life. Through his ongoing engagement with the EnlightenNext team and the growing global movement of Evolutionaries inspired by his thought and work, he is charting the landscape of an emerging evolutionary worldview. Cohen is also a spiritual teacher to students around the world, and is the pioneer of an original spiritual path called Evolutionary Enlightenment. In 2009, he launched the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle, an integrated annual program of spiritual retreats, conferences, and forums designed to accelerate both personal and cultural evolution.

“In some rare cases the fullest illumination occurs spontaneously to some fortunate being. Such a being blesses the generation in which he or she happens to live and act. Andrew Cohen is one such being. He is a modern Western mystic who shines like a light in darkness.”
His Holiness Swami Chidananda
President, Divine Life Society

“Andrew Cohen is an important voice that needs to be heard. He brings a fresh and profound approach to spirituality grounded in his own awakened awareness, and he seeks nothing more than to awaken others to a freedom and fullness that is their own inherent condition.”
Ken Wilber
Founder, Integral Institute
Author of A Brief History of Everything


Carter Phipps

CARTER PHIPPS, Executive Editor and 2009 winner of a Gold FOLIO Award for best spiritual and religious writing, has been a leading pioneer in EnlightenNext’s work in cultural evolution for more than eighteen years. With expertise ranging from metaphysics to politics to science and technology, Phipps represents EnlightenNext magazine at conferences and leadership gatherings such as the Evolutionary Leaders Forum and the Parliament of the World’s Religions. He has spoken at Brown University, JFK University, and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, and has appeared on BBC Radio’s “Reporting Religion.” He is also featured in The Shift, an upcoming documentary, alongside global spiritual leaders and activists including the Dalai Lama, Al Gore, and Desmond Tutu. His first book, Evolutionaries, a manifesto for the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality, will be published by Harper Perennial in spring 2011.

“We live in one of those rare moments in human history when the deepest metaphysical questions are being turned over and examined as we search for a new orientation that will serve us for the next millennium. It would be hard to find a better guide into this fascinating conversation than Carter Phipps.”
Brian Swimme, PhD
California Institute of Integral Studies
Author of The Universe Story

Follow Carter on Twitter @Carter_Phipps

Elizabeth Debold

ELIZABETH DEBOLD, EdD, Senior Editor, joined EnlightenNext magazine in 2002. With a doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard University, she brings a deep understanding of the evolution of culture, and particularly gender, to her work for EnlightenNext. Her bestselling book, Mother Daughter Revolution, and her research at Harvard under the direction of Dr. Carol Gilligan, earned her an international reputation as a leading gender theorist. She has made multiple appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio. She covers a wide range of issues for the magazine—including gender, business, developmental theory, contemporary spirituality, and psychology. She has taught at the New School for Social Research, Harvard University, and the Graduate Institute.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @EvolveWomen

Ross Robertson

ROSS ROBERTSON, Senior Editor, joined EnlightenNext’s editorial staff in 2003. A former environmental activist with a variety of different organizations, including Earth First!, Greenpeace, and NRDC, Robertson is currently helping to pioneer a radical new approach to environmental issues known as “bright green.” His workshops, lectures, and roving reportage for EnlightenNext have taken him from the halls of MIT to the utopian streets of Burning Man, the Italian ecovillage of Damanhur, and most recently, the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, where he shared his thoughts on the new evolutionary environmental philosophy with a global audience. Robertson’s other work for the magazine includes interviews with self-masters, spiritual teachers, and scientists, and feature articles on consciousness, manliness, rock music, pop spirituality, and neo-tantric sex. He is a graduate of Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

Follow Ross on Twitter @RobertsonRoss

Tom Huston

TOM HUSTON, Senior Online Editor, joined the editorial staff in 2002. Author of EnlightenNext’s acclaimed article “A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality,” his writings have explored a wide variety of subjects, including the cutting edge of science and cosmology, innovative digital technologies, contemporary teachings of nondual mysticism, and the confusing cultural predicament of his own Generation Y. Huston is also a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute. When not tweeting or blogging, he is often busy maintaining EnlightenNext’s websites.

Follow Tom on Twitter @KosmicTom

Joel Pitney

JOEL PITNEY, Associate Editor, joined the EnlightenNext team in 2007. With a background in sustainable agriculture, he is particularly interested in new philosophical perspectives on environmental issues, but his articles have also covered topics ranging from the emerging “integral revolution” to the narcissism epidemic in postmodern culture. Prior to his work for the magazine, Pitney graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in environmental science and helped launch the innovative web marketing company ThoughtLead in San Francisco.

Follow Joel on Twitter @JoelPitney

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