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EnlightenNext’s Best of the Web (08/28-09/04)

Here’s a choice selection of the posts, tweets, and news stories that caught our eyes as we cruised the information highway over the past week . . .

In the News

Religion & Spirituality

  • Remembrance of Past Lives on The NY Times by Lisa Miller

  • Religious Outlier on The NY Times by Charles M. Blow


  • America: More Wind Power Than We Thought on GOOD by Andrew Price

  • Nuclear Fall In: Why I’m Becoming a Pro-Nuke Nut on Scientific American by John Horgan

    Science & Technology

  • Stephen Hawking: God Did Not Create the Universe on BBC

  • Earth and Moon as seen from MESSENGER (IMAGE) on APOD

  • Stuart Hameroff and Deepak Chopra: The Big Bang and the Big Wow (VIDEO)


  • Does Your Language Shape How You Think? onThe NY Times by Guy Deutscher

  • What Is It About 20-Somethings? on The NY Times by Robin Marantz Henig

  • Jeremy Rifkin On The “Empathic Civilization” (VIDEO) on TED

  • How Millennial Are You?: The Quiz on Pew Research Center

    From the Twittersphere

    Our Favorite Tweets

    @DeepakChopra: The universe evolved to create a human nervous system through which to know itself and delight in this knowing

    Bob Kegan at Integral Theory Conference about the potential for further development in adulthood: God is not done with us yet.

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      This is great stuff, please keep this feature going!