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A Live Meeting of Global Evolutionary Leaders

Over the past two years, EnlightenNext‘s Executive Editor Carter Phipps has been participating in a kind of global think tank for conscious evolution called the Evolutionary Leaders group. This meeting of what was initially 38 people, including Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Brian Swimme, Steve McIntosh, Don Beck and many more, started in 2008 with a “A Call for Conscious Evolution” petition that was signed by over 36,000 people worldwide. Since then the group has met consistently both virtually and in person, started to work on a variety of projects including a potential book and documentary, and has grown to over 50 people, including EnlightenNext founder Andrew Cohen.

This week, Cohen, Phipps and the rest of the Evolutionary Leaders are convening in Los Angeles for their most significant meeting to date: a week-long retreat that will include a live public event tonight from 7:30-9:30 pm PST. The event will also be live streamed over the internet, so if you can’t make it to LA, you can still tune in to what’s happening.

Click here to register.

So what is an Evolutionary Leader? This group defines themselves as individuals who are “in support of a future that will not be determined what happens to us but rather by what we create.” Through their ongoing engagement with each other and with the public they are striving to create a “new narrative of conscious evolution” by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life and mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection
  • Supporting research and education that optimizes human capacities
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media

This past May, Cohen spoke with Deepak Chopra, who is one of the main organizers of the group, about the topic of Evolutionary Leadership during our Evolutionary Worldview Virtual Seminar. Click here to listen to a free audio of their discussion (15 minutes).

To learn more about tonight’s event including how to participate in person or over the internet, please visit their website.

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About the Author

Joel Pitney is an Associate Editor for EnlightenNext magazine. Follow him on Twitter @JoelPitney.

Comments (6)

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  1. Nils Montan says:

    I absolutely want to applaud these meetings of Evolutionary Leaders. One topic that us followers would like to see raised and prominently featured in any outcome statements from the meeting is the issue of the relationship between “leaders” and their “followers.”

    In the old days this used to be termed the “Guru/Student” issue and many of us who were students of spiritual teachers over the past 40 years have directly experienced or heard of some fairly strange behavior by the teachers, often of what might be termed to be inappropriate sexual or “influence” abuse.

    Please, Integral Leadership – we’ve had enough of that stuff already. The new spirituality can only thrive in an open and transparent environment. Any higher teaching that can’t deal with this doesn’t deserve our attention.

    • Christina Johnsson says:

      Hi Nils, I absolutely agree with you. It is crucial that leadership lives that what it teaches. I would like to add that in a sense I think that spiritual leadership is a contradiction in terms. In my view we all have to find the leader within instead of outside of ourselves. It is the moral obligation of those who claim spiritual leadership to make themselves unnecessary in the long run.

      • Steve Haase says:

        I’d like to suggest a “both/and” to your point, Christina. True leadership is essential in any field. Whether it’s in business, the arts, or spirituality, there will always be people charting the next frontier and showing the way. And what a wonderful thing that is!

        At the same time, each authentic contribution from individuals, wherever they’re at, fleshes things out, and adds richness and veracity to the vision of the leader. What’s a visionary composer without performers who can meet his or her passion? What good is a spiritual teaching if there aren’t people to put such noble principles into practice in their lives? That’s the beauty of the process of discovery and creation, in self and culture. Each part is necessary to the whole.

    • Joel Pitney says:

      Hello Nils and Christina,

      Thanks for your comments. It is interesting that you are both responding to this issue. The German Integral Forum recently put together some guidelines for spiritual teachers to address many of the issues that Nils raised in his comments. In response, EnlightenNext founder and spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen wrote a very inspiring treatise on the importance of spiritual hierarchy in the genuine quest for Enlightenment. I think you’ll both find it very interesting. You can read it on his blog:

    • Enough re integral leadership? Nils, I would argue that the term has multiple meanings and applications. Isn’t it time we began working with those in the world, rather than dismissing them?

  2. Christina Johnsson says:

    Thank you both Steve and Joel for your comments, I realise that there is much more to this than I grasp. I will certainly read the articles and come back on the matter.
    See, I work as a leader in a human rights research environment and give lots of thoughts to a human rights based approach to leadership and to state organisation. Add to that that I am a Quaker European style, meaning spirituality without leadership. I bring this with me as I come here. I have seen so many human rights experts, government officials, academics and all leaders, harassing women, behaving rude and unfriendly, and I am on the search for another kind of leadership tactics not so focused on a particular individual. And I am skeptical to the while idea leader/follower, in particular ‘follower’. That compelled me to respond to Nils’ comments.