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EnlightenNext’s Best of the Web (3/28 – 4/3)

Every Friday, the editors of EnlightenNext will be bringing you a choice selection of the posts, tweets, and news stories that caught our eyes as we cruised the information superhighway over the past week . . .

In the News

EnlightenNext in the News

  • Spiritual Mag Finds Digital Enlightenment on Digiday: Daily by John Gaffney

  • My Conversation with Tom Huston (of EnlightenNext) – Immanence vs. Transcendence on Integral Options by William Harryman

  • A New Paradigm for Science on Wolfnowl’s Posterous

    Politics & Global Issues

  • When It Comes to Innovation, Is America Becoming a Third-World Country? on The Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington

  • Linus Roache, star of Law & Order and head of EnlightenNext NYC, On Global Citizenship (VIDEO) at Project Explorer

    Religion & Spirituality

  • Phillip Clayton Debates Daniel Dennet (VIDEO) on Patheos

  • Touched by Jesus? (VIDEO) on National Geographic

    Women & Gender

  • Why Young Women Need Feminism on Newsweek by Jessica Bennett

  • Newsweek Takes on Feminism on Behalf of Young White Girls Everywhere on Racialicious by Latoya Peterson and Thea Lim

  • Iceland: The World’s Most Feminist Country on The Guardian by Julie Bindel

    Bright Green

  • Why GreenPeace is wrong about the iPad on WorldChanging by Alex Steffen

  • Books to Read Now on Seed Magazine

  • Wireless Parking (VIDEO) on Good Magazine

    Science & Technology

  • Large Hadron Atom Smasher Reaches Near Speed of Light on The Daily Galaxy

  • An Interview with Ray Kurzweil on Techland

  • Dark Matter Update (March 2010) on Tor by Dr Kirtland C Peterson

  • Home-Made Space Pics (PHOTOS) on Coast-to-Coast AM by George Noory

    From the Twittersphere

    Our Favorite Tweets

    @SteveHaase: Spiritual liberation is found in the recognition of that which is *always* more important than my own personal “problems”.

    @JPBarlow: Every man is also responsible for all the good he didn’t do. – Voltaire

    @JeffdSachs: #sop2010 Need to create a complex-systems science aimed at sustaining development on finite planet.

    Henry Stapp (particle physicist} : Reality is not made out of any material substance, but rather out of “events”& “potentialities”

    @DeepakChopra: We exist only in relationship to each other. RT @MichaelShermer “Would Deepak Chopra exist if no one looked at him?”

    Tweets about EnlightenNext

    @MarilynSchlitz: Honored to be first on their list: #integral #noetic #consciousness #science

    @MartaCal: Reading the Spring issue EnlightenNext

    @EllenDaly: great article about the evolution of EnlightenNext magazine and its future

    @Eagle_de_Botton: During my visit to enlightennext London, I finally understood that spiritual practice with an intention to evolve, is already a moral act.

    @rleech: Fresh issue of EnlightenNext Magazine just arrived in the mailbox, about to dive in…

    EnlightenNext MP3 Exclusive Offers

  • Monday – Deepak Chopra & Andrew Cohen: The Mythic Life & Times
  • Wednesday – Arianna Huffington: The Better Angels of Our Nature
  • Friday – George Leonard: Evolution and the Future of Us

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    Joel Pitney is an Associate Editor for EnlightenNext magazine. Follow him on Twitter @JoelPitney.

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