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Climate & Consciousness: EnlightenNext in Copenhagen

1250524691110-rossiampOver the past week, EnlightenNext’s Ross Robertson joined tens of thousands of activists, politicians, business leaders, and concerned citizens from literally every corner of the planet in Copenhagen for the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Robertson was invited to give several presentations at the non-profit conference, Klimaforum09: Peoples Climate Summit, which paralleled the main UNklimaforum09 event, in addition to a talk at one of the many supplementary events that are happening all over the city. Below I’ve posted video collage of some of the highlights from one of the presentations that he gave.

Before you watch, however, you should know that Ross is not a climate activist himself (though he did work for several environmental non-profits before he started writing for EnlightenNext magazine 6 years ago). So his contribution to the conference wasn’t a new clean energy innovation or an interesting sustainable business model or a sophisticated solution to the enormous political challenges of dealing with global warming. He’s bringing to the climate change conversation what EnlightenNext is always trying to bring to any topic that we cover in the magazine: a new, spiritually-inspired perspective from which to address the issue. Ross’ particular take on climate change and the environmental movement in general centers around a new sub-strain of environmentalism called “Bright Green.” Defining itself against its predecessor “Dark Green,” which has been the main ideological thrust behind the environmental movement for the past half century, Bright Green environmentalism is focused on progress, technological innovation, and most importantly valuing the j38-350fundamental creativity of humankind as a tool to create a thriving future (not just a “less bad” one). If you want to learn more about Bright Green, check out Ross’ article, “A Brighter Shade of Green: Rebooting Environmentalism for the 21st Century,” and also WorldChanging, which is the main Bright Green thinktank on the planet.

Here’s a video excerpt from a 3-hour presentation that Ross gave along with his Danish EnlightenNext colleague Peter Bastian, an evolutionary philosopher and famous musician. The event was hosted by Karen Blincoe of ICIS, the International Centre for Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability, and also featured Valeriane Bernard of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Earlier in the week, Ross also spoke to 250 people at an event focused on the Cradle to Cradle design movement, organized by the pioneering German chemist Michael Braungart, who is best cradle_to_cradleknown for co-publishing the book Cradle to Cradle and who has been interviewed by EnlightenNext magazine. We don’t have video of that talk, but you can read a short description in a blog written by Susan Olshuff, an environmental activist and friend of EnlightenNext magazine who is in Copenhagen covering the event for our local paper here in Western Massachusetts, The Berkshire Eagle.

Please stay tuned for more from Ross about his trip to Copenhagen, when he returns back to Massachusetts this week!

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About the Author

Joel Pitney is an Associate Editor for EnlightenNext magazine. Follow him on Twitter @JoelPitney.

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  1. Frank Luke says:

    The word “fiasco” has been bandied to characterize the conference at Copenhagen but though disappointing, I deplore that word. It’s clear those are not the last words and China and the US did make some movement toward more acceptable stands. It’s totally unacceptable and inanely insane that there will not be more to say in the future. To have such a large gathering of nations is a step in the right direction, though it proved unwieldy and will have to be addressed so the conference doesn’t become like the UN, only a platform for rhetoric and hot air. Let us hope. Serious consequences lie in balance.