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Our Summer Vacation

conchalbeachWhile many natives of the northern hemisphere head off on their summer getaways, our summer months have been anything but relaxing! And that’s not a bad thing! In fact, at EnlightenNext we’re taking advantage of the summer months to make some serious leaps in the future of our organization (that’s why, as you may have noticed, we haven’t been posting as frequently to the blog over the past few weeks!). Here’s a bit of an update about what’s been happening in the world of EnlightenNext:

First off, starting on July 25th, three of our editors (Elizabeth Debold, Tom Huston, and Megan Cater) and many of the other EnlightenNext staff have been stationed in the beautiful hills of Tuscany, Italy retreatfor the first ever Being & Becoming retreat led by our editor-in-chief Andrew Cohen. You can read more about the retreat here, but in brief, it is the inaugural event in a new EnlightenNext initiative that we call The Discovery Cycle. Marked by a 3-week long retreat on one end of the year and a virtual conference on the other end, the Discovery Cycle is designed to explore with with as many people as possible the mysterious relationship between the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of culture.

As for the few of us that have stayed behind here at our headquarters in Western Massachusetts, we’re working feverishly to put the final touches on our next issue, which will be shipping out at the end of August. I don’t want to give away too much about what’s coming down the pipe, but we’re very excited to be featuring some great interviews with a wide variety of contemporary spiritual teachers like Genpo Roshi (Big Mind), Jun Po Kelly (Mondo Zen), sufi teacher Aliya Haeri, and Roshi Bernie Glassman (Zen Peacemakers). Here’s a sneak peak at our cover:
EnlightenNext magazine Issue #45 Sept-Nov 09

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About the Author

Joel Pitney is an Associate Editor for EnlightenNext magazine. Follow him on Twitter @JoelPitney.

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  1. Syd Shaw says:


    On a recent GOOGLE of ENLIGHTENMENT our search introduced us to EnlightenNext magazine. Clearly your quest is symbiotic to our own quest.

    In 1948 THE INTENTIONEERING INSTITUTE began to head-hunt the people that New York psychologist ABRAHAM MASLOW had identified as what he termed SELF-ACTUALIZED in 1943.

    Maslow had determined that 2 people in 100 were SELF-ACTUALIZED. The profile by which we identify a SELF-ACTUALIZED person is identical to the traits by which Buddhist tantra Masters identify what they call Bodichittas. Bodhichittas are judged ready to receive the initiation rites of enlightenment from a Master in which they become Bodhisattvas.

    The work of THE INTENTIONEERING INSTITUTE and the continuing development of MASLOW’S work that that has engaged us in for 60 years has revealed an hierarchy of 5 EVOLUTIONARY states beyond what is generally regarded as
    ‘normal’ human consciousness, has determined that 1% of the world population are inherently SELF-ACTUALIZED. Though its only a small proportion of the human family, this is 20 million people in the 6.5 billion world population at the beginning of the 21st century.

    In our quest to identify the SELF-ACTUALISED for recruitment to a life as a senior corporate executive The Intentioneering Institute did not invent these states. We merely identified states of consciousness in human beings which have clearly always existed and which we found were helpful tools to us in our recruitment processes.

    We have found that 43% of more-highly evolved human beings identify themselves from the other 57% behaviorally in their sexual preferences. As Maslow himself had noted in his definition of the SELF-ACTUALIZED, the sexuality of the 43% that we call EVOLVERS is revealed by their primary desire to devote their lives to the meaningful sexual relationship called marriage, rather than just the basic animal drive for SEXUAL gratification that the other 57% we call HUMANIMALS live to indulge. We regard this reality as the criterion for who belongs in the EVOLVER civilization and who has eLIMINATED themselves from it.

    This is a highly controversial policy which we have found is better kept to ourselves. The effectiveness of our work requires that we keep our work and our findings beneath the parapet. Going public with our findings embroils us in unending conflict with the depraved people who need to justify their depravity by insisting that EVOLVERS bow to HUMANIMAL standards. This confrontation is detrimental to the effectiveness of our work so we shun publicity and operate clandestinely.

    However, the current melt-down of the utterly corrupt world economic system unfolding around us requires us to go public with the worldwide EVOLVER culture which is based on an alternative parallel economy founded on the moral law common to ALL religions and compatible to the economic system everywhere. We see that the EVOLVER culture will be developed symbiotically by EVOLVERS while the current corrupt world-order of HUMANIMALS self-implodes.

    Having recently encountered EnlightenNext we believe that the 75,000 subscribers to EnlightenNext are the core of the new EVOLVER culture now emerging, and offer EVOLVERS the opportunity to seize the opportunity to become the catalyst executives of the world-wide network of primary-school based neighborhoods firmly grounded on the moral principles promulgated by all 6 major world religions. Surely the moral principles of ALL who are disposed to believe in a higher being, coupled to the philosophy inspiringly and freely debated in the spirited forum in your magazine are the right people at the right place at the right time to cascade the EDUCATION ECONOMY which rests on GOD’S LAWS and the true emancipation of women, whose time has clearly come.
    Intentioneering Institute