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The Moral Obligation to Evolve (Think About This #61)

Andrew CohenIn addition to being the founder and editor in chief of EnlightenNext magazine, Andrew Cohen is also the pioneering spiritual teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment. The following clip is from a talk Cohen gave during an eight-day retreat in which he describes the moral obligation that is inherent in awakening to what he calls the “Kosmocentric perspective.”

Click below to play audio clip (3.5 min):

Click here to purchase the entire CD set of this 8-day retreat, including over 6 hours of audio.

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About the Author

Megan Cater is a contributing editor to EnlightenNext magazine. She is also a health care practitioner and artist living in Seattle, Washington. Follow her on Twitter @megancater.

Comments (4)

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  1. patricia says:

    Understanding the meaning of “moral responsability” from a “kosmic”perspective gives a great deal of meaning to everything I do in my life…every thought, every direct contact has a higher purpose…it is not just about me but about the evolution of Kosmos. This has given so much meaning to my life…I thank Andrew Cohen for awaken me to this higher perspective…

  2. Delbert Brown says:

    Despite all the singing, praying, preaching, teaching, revering, and
    paying homage to The Gods and Goddess of past civilizations and
    religions, those peoples, empires, and societies were supplanted by
    their descendants, new discoveries, new knowledge, new languages
    that indeed were up to date and in keeping with the changing times
    and tides. To put it another way: Empires, civilizations, religions,
    cultures, and societies rise and fall and change for better or worse,
    depending on the season for what and the cycle for whom.
    Religions, empires, and societies that we all know today will decline
    and go away just as all those before; it is just a matter of time, energy,
    and effort progress by The Powers and Forces of Omnipotent Nature.

    Nothing remains the same forever; it is true that persons and things
    either evolve or revolve — evolving is persons, places, and things
    coming downward mentally, spiritually, ethically, and physically on
    the left side of The Smat Circle of Order, and revolving is persons,
    places, and things going upward in every way on the right side of the
    same Circle of Order. And this Scribe is happy to report that the
    movement and change are upward now and for the better after
    Armageddon — the war for a new beginning of higher standards and
    better conditions for living.

    A CYCLE OF NATURE is indeed a network of laws of Nature
    designed to complete a circle of activities and changes. As also
    OF NATURE,” also written by Philosopher Afroo Oonoo, the law
    of a person, place, or thing is the nature of him, her, or it; and a
    network of laws is a cycle, while a network of cycles is a universe
    of Absolute Nature. The very importance of this to Human Beings
    is the fact that our mental, spiritual, and physical existences are
    parts of these laws and cycles and vice versa; and this means that
    if we do live in agreement and according to the principles and
    powers of The Laws and Cycles of Eternal Nature, we all who do so
    can definitely live in peace, harmony, and comfort with each other.
    This is one of the main aims and objectives of NoopooH and their
    Positive Science Noone — to describe, define, and direct for peoples
    the positive path and positive power to this destiny.
    NATURE,” this writer gave a few Laws of Nature and among them
    are: “The Law of Pleasure and Pain” and “The Law of Kindred,”
    and stated that these paramount Laws of Nature are THE CORE
    that other Laws of Nature should be composed and constructed
    around, and this fact should be emphasized whenever NATURAL
    LAWS for the benefit of peoples are written or spoken.

    Absolute Nature has many cycles for many persons and things as
    The Smat Circle of Order indicates and the writings of Noone verify.
    Of course, there are short cycles and long cycles, negative cycles
    and positive cycles, downward cycles and upward cycles, destructive
    cycles and also creative cycles, sex cycles and sense cycles, arc
    cycles and circle-cycles, quarter cycles and half cycles, human
    cycles and superhuman cycles, ball cycles and degree cycles indeed
    that manifest themselves in The Laws of Nature on The Smat Circle
    of Cosmos and The Smat Circle of Chaos. The point is this: Past
    cultures, civilizations, empires, and religions by their passing prove
    that Almighty-Absolute Nature is going to take its course for better
    or worse regardless of all the praying and preaching to the contrary
    and wishful thinking to the contrary. For example — past religious
    civilizations have stated that The Sun would never set on their
    empires, but when The Sun rises today, you can not find them.
    Today’s empires and religions will suffer the same fate; all the praying
    to whomever you will, changes nothing — Absolute Nature is going
    to take Its course despite what one thinks or believes or tries to do
    to alter it, and Noone (The Science of Sound Right Reason) informs
    us what that course is in keeping with The Laws and Cycles of
    Almighty Nature.

    The Smat Circle of Order is INFINITE, but It exists ONLY ONE
    DEGREE AT A TIME, and that one degree is ALL OF NATURE
    making a one-degree circular change in all Matter of Nature.
    The letter S in the word SMAT stands for Space, the letter M for
    Matter, the letter A for And, and the letter T stands for Time.

    Andrew Cohen is doing a Fine job of informing people in this day
    and time.

  3. Yes, it is both personal and impersonal. At one level we have to do the work ourselves (no one is coming to save us); at another level there is an ever expanding field of consciousness to support and guide us. At first it may seem impersonal but the moment I attune to it, it is my story, my responsibility, my connection to that which is so much greater than any one individual: the very fabric of creation and in this way we are all one.

  4. Frank Luke says:

    Just to underscore what’s been oft-said:

    To know and to come to real spiritual understanding is one part of Being Spiritual. The other part as important is to act on your understanding to help shape the world you would want to become actualized. Personally advancing spiritually is fine and good; to work on exteriorizing that understanding, committing to creating a better world in the way you visualize it is the test of that understanding. Spiritual people find ways to attempt to achieve that. Best regards, aloha,