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A Kosmic Concept (Think About This #53)

Charting a new future demands a new vocabulary. Over the years, we’ve adopted many terms into our EnlightenNext lexicon that we’ve found illuminating, clarifying, and useful in the quest to define the contours of a new evolutionary worldview. Here’s one of them:

Kos·mic adj.
1. Of or relating to the Kosmos—the multidimensional evolving Totality of existence, encompassing not only the physical but also the biological, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual domains.

“The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.” Thus began the famed astronomer Carl Sagan’s majestic 1980 television series, Cosmos. The epic grandeur of Sagan’s Cosmos—suffused with “billions upon billions” of planets, stars, and galaxies—captivated the imagination of viewers everywhere. But despite the almost sacred reverence for existence that permeated the series, some still took issue with its strictly scientific bias, finding little room for spirit or the transcendent in Sagan’s naturalistic worldview.

Fifteen years later, the integral philosopher Ken Wilber issued an 800-page response to concerns such as these. Titled Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Wilber’s grand tome argued for a more holistic conception of the universe—one that would honor the profound revelations of science and religion alike—which he called “the Kosmos” (retaining the “K” from the Greek). So when we use the term “Kosmos,” it’s not only to affirm our appreciation for Sagan’s extraordinary universe but also to restore the spiritual depth and transcendent mysticism that the ancient Greek philosophers, who coined the word, duly acknowledged and revered.

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About the Author

Tom Huston is the Senior Online Editor of EnlightenNext magazine. Follow him on Twitter @KosmicTom.

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  1. Pythagoras (569 BC) was the first person to coin the word “Kosmos”. It referred not only to “everything in the universe” but… it referred simultaneously to “the absolute perfect order throughout it”… and that this perfect order is observable & measurable.

    The fact that you can accurately predict exactly where all the planets will be in ten thousand years, at noon… is… well… “perfectly ordered”.
    He taught that there is Intelligence is streaming throughout this “Order” and that it is accessible through the proper understanding of number.

    He is also considered, “The father of Music” because he was the first Westerner to mathematics describe the musical intervals. He taught his disciples the ubiquitous fundamentals of harmonics through the phenomena of a vibrating string & the resulting tones they make. He was the 1st person to use the term, “Harmony of the Spheres”.
    He applied music as medicine. He believed you could heal the body mind & soul through the application of sound, frequencies, harmonics, vibration… & music by merging w/ the divine… meaning “this perfect order.
    He applied the fundamentals of harmonics to everything from personal growth, to raising families, to art & architecture… even running governments… to bring order from the chaos.

    For more about His Life & many Contributions check out my web site: